Welcome to JCSE

Job Creation for Self Employment
Creating Jobs Improving Lives

Welcome to JCSE

JCSE was established to create jobs in the world at large for mass self-employment and breach the gap of unemployment which determine the survival of mankind. Therefore, by this move of employment, the future of our youths and generation is assured. Our company was formed in 2017 and since then we have worked so hard to create self-employment opportunities. We are fully prepared to deliver vital suggestion written in the form of handout service to the jobless masses for employment.

Our Vision

Our organization is committed to create job opportunities for all class of people and go beyond the boundaries of religion, color, race, tribe, state, and countary. With inclusiveness to all class of people in our sheme of job creation as a body that is open to more business and job oriented ideas in our duty to create mass self-employment in the globe. And put a limit to youths dependency upon Governmet provided jobs.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment for unemployed youths around the globe to source for self-employable jobs within and aside their field of study in the form of handouts and excerpts. For our company is committed to inventing more new ideas on business and jobs in order to create mass employment.


Job Creation

We offer job employment to job seekers within and outside Nigeria

Online Support

We offer online support and constructive solutions for individuals and companies who are having difficulties in their businesses

  • Web Idea & Handouts
  • Based on our years of experience, we have professional ideas generated from different sources


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